To drastically increase your speed of innovation, storage and analysisof huge chunk of unstructured data we need specifically designed clusters. A cluster is basically a computational cluster that shares the analysed data workload across multiple cluster nodes that execute to process the data in parallel. Hadoop as a Service is a cloud computing solution that creates medium and large-scale data processing accessible, quick, easy and affordable. There are two main parts of Hadoop data processing framework and HDFS. HDFS is a framed file system to handle data effectively it implements a single-writer, multiple-reader model and supports operations to read, write, and delete files, and operations to create and delete directories.

The primary benefit of Hadoop clusters is that they are ideally suited to analysing big data. Big data generally is a chunk of unstructured data which is widely distributed. Hadoop segregates the parts of data from the given data and each piece of it is assigned to a distinct node for analysis. This approach can help you focus on business growth by reducing the functioning challenges of running Hadoop overall.

At Cystems Logic, we provide consulting services for leveraging huge chunk of data to create new business opportunity, system design, implementation, maintenance and support.

  • Consulting - Our pool of consultants solves organisations data management issues.
  • Design & Development - Our team of expertise to deliver scalable Hadoop based solutions services.
  • Integration - We help in integration with current enterprise applications like CRM, ERP and more.
  • Support and Maintenance - We serve complete 24x7 support service to keep your Hadoop environment up and running.
Business benefit from Cystems Logic Hadoop Services over on-premise solutions:
  • Scalable Hadoop is highly accessible storage platform as it can store and distribute large data sets across thousands of nodes which can operate parallel.
  • Cost effective Hadoop’s scale-out architecture which affordably stores company’s all data for later use.
  • Flexible Hadoop enables businesses to easily access new data structured as well unstructured data to generate value from it. Also it can help you access data from social media, emails etc.
  • Fast Hadoop’s storage method is based on a distributed file system which helps in locating the data wherever it is placed on a cluster. The tools for data processing are often on the same servers where the data is located, for faster data processing.
  • Resistant to failure The key advantage of Hadoop is it is fault resistant. Reliability by automatically maintaining multiple copies of data and automatically redeploying processing logic in the event of failures.
  • Real Run time Ability to rapidly process large amounts of data in parallel.