SAP has several bolt on solutions/products in the Utility Industries. These products are integrated with SAP. However, the solutions have limitations from a technical perspective. ISU Solutions that are implemented can have large maintenance and support services cost. There are, also system dependencies and can impact a major business process which can have a large impact on business in terms of revenue and result in impact on ROI. ISU solutions in the CRM space are extremely expensive and will require major customization. Customized solutions bolt on to SAP ISU systems can take several months resulting in time inefficiencies and high cost of implementations.

Utilities customers are time bound and need solutions that customer centric and can be easily up-scaled with no system impact. Utility companies due to their aged business model has an average 60-100 different systems going back several decades and till date functional with data being extracted or stored at all times. Some of these systems use Barn, JD Edwards, R/2, and also Mainframe as their key data storage servers. Today’s technology is far more advanced and needs to be backward and forward compatible. Especially, in today world where software products and solutions are about migration to new technology disregarding your business model and more about self-revenue generation than customer centric.

Cystems Logic ISU SEREIN solution is a product that will be unique from all existing ISU solutions that are bolt on to SAP. This solution is designed in such away as to as to be easily customized not only in some Utility Industry’s but across new emerging Utility business such as Natural Gas Systems, Water Utility, Solar and Wind power system ERP’s. Our goal is to ensure that we create value to our customers and our customers can create higher ROI by retaining existing customers and build a model to grow business from adding customer growth maintain or growing the normal CAGR on 12% which is the Industry standard for Utility companies.