SAP HANA allows users to analyze large data volumes in memory and in real time at never-before-seen speeds. SAP HANA is widely recognized as a game-changing technology that enables businesses to ask any question, on any subject, at any time and get answers within nano seconds.

Offerings that Drive Agility

Leveraging Cystems Logic’s full breadth of capabilities means a fully integrated, highly optimized environment that helps ensure desired results for the HANA initiative, including lower costs and risks, and higher business value. Our SAP HANA offerings help you leverage data in real time to become more agile:

  • Solution Assessment
  • Conduct HANA Workshops and Strategy Sessions
  • HANA Support and Cloud Services
  • Integration with Hadoop
  • Conduct HANA Sizing and Architecture
  • HANA Project Management
  • Design and implement HANA integrated with SAP Business Objects BI Tools
  • Provide consulting for BW on HANA solutions
  • Migration of Existing BW instances to BW on HANA
  • Provide Security Implementation /Analytical Privileges for HANA
  • Predictive Analytics on HANA
  • Virtual Data warehouse & Operational Reporting Solutions on HANA
Getting a Head Start with HANA

Cystems Logic’s SAP HANA Proof of Concepts (POC) are intended to deliver proof of value to organizations that seek a competitive advantage. Combining SAP’s in-memory appliance for High-Performance Analytics (HANA), SAP software components, Cystems Logic develops high value POCs that showcase how organizations can benefit from this innovative approach to analyzing and consuming data. Cystems Logic value preposition:

  • Safe Passage Approach to SAP HANA
  • Proven Capability