The size and scale of an SAP initiative can vary greatly. Compounded with the challenges of access and security can add to the complexity. Make sure to select the right partner for your next SAP implementation and be the example that others benchmark against for its immense success. Leading organizations trust Cystems Logic for our proven approach, experience with complex global rollouts including localization, and innovative programs for support. We ensure that you receive the fullest value from your SAP implementations through change management, thorough documentation and training for seamless user adoption.

Our Implementation Approach

Cystems Logic believes in leveraging best practices to accelerate project delivery and save project costs. Using a combination of SAP Best Practices and our own methodology, we have proven that implementations can be seamless. Our implementation methodology dramatically reduces project time from start to realization of tangible benefits.

  • Uses short, iterative development cycles so that you can see what is being developed and address issues early on
  • Eases the testing phase and shortens the duration with less repetition and modification, saving considerable time and cost

Cystems Logic ensures that organizations invariably get it right the first time. SAP applications do not usually work in isolation and that’s where Cystems Logic can also prove to be an invaluable partner. Whether it is integrating with another application, extending the application geographically, or migrating a solution to the cloud, Cystems Logic provides the most effective model of delivery.

Get more business benefits with Implementation Services from Cystems Logic

Our SAP practice is recognized not only by the depth of our expertise, but also the breadth. Cystems Logic supports customers across five continents via our flexible onsite, offshore, offsite or hybrid delivery models. Our processes and methodologies are mature and proven, yet we strive to provide innovation where it is most impactful for your organization.

Contact Cystems Logic today to discuss your upcoming initiatives and let us help make your next implementation seamless.